We specialize in Stainless Steel Casting in various ASTM Grades such as HH, HF, HH, HK, HT, HU & HX, DIN Grades such as DIN 1.4852, 1.4848, JS Grades such as SCH 13 as well as IS Grades. Our products find application in Heat Treatment Units, Gear Manufacturing Units as well as Automotive units.

Our current manufacturing facility enables us to cast items from 50 gms to 300 kgs.

  • Fixtures for Heat Treatment Furnaces such as Base Trays, Corner Columns, Spacers, Intermediate & Top Plates for Sealed Quench Furnaces. The processes followed for these are Sand Casting as well as Investment Casting.
  • Base Spiders, Middle Spiders, Center Rods & Grids for Pit Type Furnaces.
  • Our Investment Casting products in addition to above find applications in decorative, plumbing, lighting, artificial limbs, locks & door handles to any item that casted
  • Trays & Baskets for Normalizing Furnace.
  • Rails & Rollers, Furnace Hearth Plates, High & Low Temperature Nozzles & Cooler Plates for Cement Units.